If you missed the registration days memberships can now be bought at the Rec Centre during their front desk hours (Monday-Friday 8:30am-9:00pm & Saturday/Sunday 10:00am-3:00pm)

**Please bring exact change or a cheque made out to “Renfrew Tennis Club” and you will seal your payment in an envelope for the Rec Centre staff.

Family Membership $150
Adult membership $75
Senior Membership (65 & over at date of registration) $70
Junior Membership (under 14 as of Dec. 31, 2017) $30
Intermediate Membership (under 18 as of Dec. 31, 2017) $50

PLUS, the number of court keys you’d like at $3.00 each.

Memberships will also be sold on the Opening Night of both the Singles and Doubles Leagues at the courts. (Tuesday, May 1st starting at 5:30, or May 9 and 10 beginning at 6:00pm) And at the Adult Learn-To-Play Free Clinics Nights on April 30, May 2 & 4 beginning at 6:15pm.

Exact change (cash) or cheque required!!!

Robert Pelletier will again be giving free introductory lessons for intermediates & adults wishing to try tennis, or brush up on old tennis skills  April 30th, May 2nd & 4th at 6:30 pm.
You do not need to be a member to participate.
The Renfrew Tennis Club is located at the Ma-te-way Activity Centre.
For information, please contact us!

President: Mike McCormick (433-9753) mike_worm@yahoo.com
Past President: Sharon Cayen (623-3175) sharon.cayen@hotmail.com
First Vice-President: Kevin Crozier (585-3303) crozkevi@hotmail.com
Second Vice-President: Sandi Heins (432-7193) sandi128cats@bell.net
Third Vice-President: Margaret Leclair (819-593-2285) ma732kno@gmail.com
Martha Scott (432-3153) marthamscott@hotmail.com
Treasurer: Nancy Saumure (433-7309) nancysaumure@yahoo.com

Court Manager: Garry Irving (432-5944), theirvgi@gmail.com
Junior Development: Garry Irving & Robert Pelletier (432-6132) r.s.pelletier@sympatico.ca
Club Tournaments-Senior: Bob Brydges (623-2789/851-2720) rlbrydes@hotmail.ca
Club Tournaments-Intermediate: Robert Pelletier & Ben Treidlinger  (432-7158), ben.treidlinger@sympatico.ca
Club Tournaments-Junior: Garry Irving (432-5944)
Membership: Denis Saumure (433-7309
Publicity: Jessica Belanger (717-1147) jessica_belanger84@hotmail.com
Banquet Convener: Jane Donnelly (432-2241)
Annual Trophy Preparation: Martha Scott (432-3153)
OTA Contact: Garry Irving (432-5944)
Morning Tennis Group: Robert & Sharon Cayen (623-3175) &
Margaret Ann Fraser (432-8290)
Singles League: Robert Pelletier (432-6132)
Doubles League & Senior Invitational: Eldon Ferguson (432-2561), eldon@fkcas.ca
Junior/Intermediate League: Mark Mackenzie (623-1569), mark@markmackenzie.ca & Robert Pelletier (432-6132)
Social Convener: Jane Freemark (432-9029), jmfinteriors@yahoo.ca