Tennis Tips

Return Of Serve:

Unlike a normal ground stroke, the return of serve DOES NOT REQUIRE A BIG BACK SWING. Aim for about half the normal back swing & meet the ball out in front of you. The follow through may be a bit shorter as well, but be sure you do follow through. This will be especially important in returning hard first serves!!!


Check the position of your front foot as you step out to make the shot. You should be stepping out so that the front foot is pointed at the one o’clock position. This will make sure y0u meet the ball early out in front of your body & will allow you to lean forward comfortably into the shot. If you are stepping out at 3 o’clock instead you will meet the ball late & your movements will feel cramped

Perfect Your Toss

At any level a poor serve can be traced to a faulty toss. On a clock the toss should be at approximately 1 o’clock. Do not palm the ball. Hold the ball on your finger tips. Move you arm from the shoulder only. DO NOT FLIP YOUR WRIST. Release the ball about head height. If the ball has any spin you are not releasing it properly. Practice until your toss is perfect every time. It is best you practise away from the court.

Doubles Skills to Develop

  • Be able to hit a moonball with consistency so that it cannot be attacked
  • Be able to attack a short moonball and hit a first shot winner
  • Be able to hit an effective defensive lob off a drive ball
  • Be able to move your attacking opponents off the net with either precision or power
  • Be able to hit/direct overheads with angle or down the middle
  • Be able to move your opponent wide/off the court with your first serve forcing them to hit a lob
  • Be able to hit a kick serve to a player’s backhand
  • Be able to hit a drop shot and a drop volley
  • Be able to return a defensive lob once it has gone over your head and counter/defend your opponent’s next shot