Summer Student Position


The Renfrew Tennis Club has a grant for a summer student. The grant is for 9 weeks Starting July 2nd 2019 at 30 hours per weeks at 15.00 per hour.



Applicant must be familiar with the game of tennis.

Be able to supervise and control small groups

Assist with both Junior and Intermediate lessons and conduct small group or individual lessons if necessary

Be available to assist with special events such as fun tournaments outside the 9 to 5 schedule.

Be able to conduct minor court maintenance : for example,  clean tennis  courts , empty court baskets and maintaining the sitting area around the courts.

Collect court fees for non- members and be able to sign up new members.

Be prompt and responsible in their duties and be able to work independently.

Be familiar with social media and assist the public relations director for the club.



The successful applicant will be working with the court manager and the tennis club executive members to do the day to day activities of the Renfrew Tennis Club. This will include light maintenance of the courts and sitting area and chalet including cleaning the courts, emptying the court baskets and ensuring that the club area is clean and safe to use. The student will assist in tennis lessons and the running of tournaments.  The student will be collecting court fees for non-members and be able to sign up new members. The student will work with the Public Relations Director in promoting tennis in our community.


To apply for this position , please send your resume electronically to

Closing date is June 15, 2019.